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Mr. Clean is at it Again!

I love Mr. Clean. He had swag when we didn’t even know what “swag” was. (Still not quite sure, frankly)

Mr clean

Anyway, he had that smooth bald head – those earrings! – tight white tee – and that confident, self-satisfied smile.  What style! I’m surprised Lady Gaga hasn’t donned a Mrs. Clean get up, with white eyebrows and such, but I’m sure she will one day…

Even when I was a little girl, doing the Saturday morning clean up with my big sis in Tucson, Arizona, I loved that plastic bottle, and the power that it possessed. Mr. Clean works!

And Mr. Clean has done it again with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Add a little water, a little elbow grease and voila! Stains, marks, unpleasantness – all gone! It works wonders.

So, as I was having my own grown up Saturday morning clean up time, cleaning away all the annoying marks and scuffs that I could find in my home before the little white pad totally dissolved, my mind started going all biblical on me – as it often does. Our Lord and Savior quite frequently takes the Magic Eraser to our lives, and he does indeed get rid of those annoying stains and scuffs that always seem to mess up our lives. We just have to ask, and the original, much swaggier Mr. Clean is right there, making things like new. In fact, the bible says His mercies are new every morning (Lam 3:22) and it also says He’ll wash you white as snow, twice! (Isaiah 1:18; Ps 51:7) and Aretha Franklin even sang about it, so you better believe it!

But if you’re not vigilant, or just not too bright, you can forget to call on that Magic Eraser, and wait until your life gets so mucky and yucky and marked up, that your eyes can’t even see the clean surfaces. All you can see is some great big messed up mess, that seems too much even for Mr. Clean. Luckily, our Lord, in His mercy, will step in, cleaning a little corner here, a small space there,  so that you can see the bright shiny part, it’s still there. And the more you let Him, the more cleaning He’ll do. Note to self: Don’t neglect your Saturday morning clean up time, with the OMC (Original Mr. Clean), and let every morning be Saturday morning.

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